The Albuquerque Dance Club Board of Directors contribute their time and energy to help make each club event enjoyable and entertaining. They are also available to hear your questions and comments about life in the club community. Let them know if you have some thoughts you'd like to contribute related to club life, or if you would also be available to volunteer some of your time and talents to make club events the best they can be.

Board of Directors
Top Row: Bruce Welton (Webmaster, non-Board Member), Susan Kellogg, Gary Kellogg, Karen Deveney (Past Treasurer). Second Row: "Cousin It" (created by Frank Randall, absent from picture), Jerry Rejent, Phyllis Walden, Rosemarie Stansbury.

Current ADC Board Members

Rosemarie Stansbury

President/Hospitality Coordinator
Phone: (505) 294-3942

Susan Kellogg

Acting Vice President /Promotions/Newsletter Coordinator
Phone: (505) 299-3737

Eric Schultz

Phone: 505-292-0867

Gary Kellogg

Membership Coordinator

Frank Randall

DJ/Music Coordinator
Phone: (505) 299-3760

Phyllis Walden

Phone: (505) 294-8163

Jerry Rejent

Assistant DJ/Videographer