High resolution, printable image files of any images taken at club functions and posted on our site are available upon request by contacting club photographer, John Rivers, at 505-414-5036.

The cost for files e-mailed is free and for CD's mailed to recipients is $4.00, paid to the image owner in advance.


Halloween Dance 2017

Thank you, John Rivers, ADC Club Photographer, for taking these pictures at the 2017 Halloween Dance.

Winners of this year's ADC costume contest are shown in the first photo below! This year's Top 5 and cash prize winners were... 1st Place: Madam Peacock (Rosie Harper), 2nd Place: Gene Simmons (Joe Meegan), 3rd Place:  Mad Hatter & Despicable Me 3 Minion (Mitch & Loretta Rothstein), 4th Place:  John Elway & Denver Bronco's Cheerleader (Lenora & Steve Breeze), 5th Place:  Popeye & Olive Oil (Dennis & DeAnne Rushing).

This year's honorable mention winners were Violet Crayon (Ellen Wilsey), Gandolf & Elf Princess (Dan Holman & Paula Thompson), Creepy Joker & Harlequin (Michelle & Frank Randall), Daisy & Clem Champion Scarecrows (Carol Tulenko), and Fruit Juicy & Hawaiian Punch (Hugh Wishart & Janie Camenzind).