High resolution, printable image files of any images taken at club functions and posted on our site are available upon request by contacting club photographer, John Rivers, at 505-414-5036.

The cost for files e-mailed is free and for CD's mailed to recipients is $4.00, paid to the image owner in advance.


Halloween Dance 2016

Thank you, John Rivers, ADC Club Photographer, for taking these pictures at the 2016 Halloween Dance.

Winners of this year's ADC costume contest are shown in the first photo below! They were (from left to right), first place, club "sweetie" Hersey Kiss (Ellen Wilsey); second place, from the Wizard of Oz , Glinda the Good Witch & Wicked Witch of the West (Roger & Rosemarie Stansbury & Sara Meegan); third place, Ricky & Lucy Ricardo (Dennis & DeAnn Rushing); fourth place, Mouse Trainer (Susan Kellogg); and, tied for fifth place, were Lord & Lady (Dennis Webert & Linda Lopez) and Mr. & Mrs. Selfie (Belle & Preston Page).

Honorable mention contest winners, in the second photo, were (from left to right) Jitterbug Pug (Sam Young); Evil Buffalo Dancer (Bill Sims); Rumbera (Nicida Maerefat); Gum-ball Machine (Karen Foehse) and Rain Cloud (Beth Dowling).